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Meet Macinley Butson


Meet Macinley Butson.


When Macinley Butson was 7, she wanted a new snazzy pair of sunnies. With unloading the dishwasher as her only source of income and her parents unwilling financers, she had a problem.

But problems have never been something Macinley has shied away from.

While many of us were fighting with our siblings or terrorising the neighbourhood, Macinley was at work on a pair of sunnies that were not only snazzy, but also deeply scientific. Made from scratch in her little workshop underneath the family home in Wollongong, Macinley’s invention changed shade according to sunlight exposure.

It was the first step on what has been a long and curious journey that has set the Australian scientific world on fire.

At just 19, Macinley has already carved out a name for herself as an inspiring public speaker and tenacious researcher with a steadfast commitment to improving people’s lives. She was the NSW Young Australian of the Year in 2018 and has a unique voice and perspective that is both deeply convicted of her work and distinctly down-to-earth. And she’s recently taken the cake against some big names - namely, Celeste Barber and Amy Shark - in the InStyle Women of Style, where she won the Future Shaper award and was the overall winner with the Judges Choice award.

One of her most sought-after inventions is the SMART Armour, a device for radiotherapy breast cancer patients. It shields the other breast that is not being treated from excess radiation during external radiotherapy. Her latest project is a sticker that you can pop on a drink bottle which filters dirty water and makes it safe to drink.

This is world-changing stuff. This is a world-changing young woman.

And while Macinley is clearly a bit of a hero, she’s also deeply humble, softly spoken, patient and kind. She’s one to watch, and We The People are firmly in Macinley’s corner.

Meet Macinley

We The People continue to support Macinley in her development of the SMART armour and various other ventures.