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1 in 3 Aussies choose to dine at a Restaurant based on a dish they saw on Social Media

How your restaurant can go from the best kept local secret to a nationally acclaimed dining destination.

According to Galaxy Reserach data in 2016...

1 in 3 Aussies select the restaurant they dine at based on a dish they saw on social media.

#FoodPorn has created a new generation of social-savvy Australians who exclusively choose where they eat, what they eat and how they eat based on the content in their social media feeds.

New data released by Galaxy Research highlights that almost 1 in 3 Australian diners specifically went to a restaurant just so they could order a dish they saw on social media. It also revealed a further 3 million Aussies went to a restaurant last year, just so they could post about their experience online.

This new trend is being driven by millennials of whom over half (52%) say they’ve visited a restaurant to order a particular dish they saw on social media. Where 1 in 4 ‘Generation X-ers’ used social media to search for information on a café.

But the digital experience doesn't stop once customers have walked in the door. Earlier research by OpenTables suggests that almost half of Australian diners (49%) will check-in to a restaurant on social media. And once the meal is done, 2 in 5 will share their experience online via commentary and images of their meal.


Tapping into a new generation of digital foodies.


It’s created a new frontier for restaurateurs where every customer is a critic. Word-of-mouth promotion on a macro-scale. But it also provides a unique opportunity to attract new customers and better still, transform your business from the best kept local secret into a nationally acclaimed dining destination.

The most interesting detail from this study is the evident change in the buyer decision process. Where traditionally, a decision to purchase is made on the presentation of a menu or on the recommendation of a waiter - it’s clear the purchasing decision now is made long before a customer walks in the door.

It also means that restaurants, cafés and food stores who aren’t positioning themselves (and their dishes) in-front of these ‘Digital Diners’, are missing out on welcoming in thousands of customers each year.

So the question is - what’s your business doing to tap into this new generation of Digital Diners?

At We The People, our mission is to make brands + hospitality businesses great storytellers. We work alongside cheifs, restaurateurs and hospitality owners to help them stand our and ultimately bring new customers in the door.

We're so sure about it, we'd love to buy you a coffee or two to share more about our strategic focus and creative ideas to help your business tap into this new digital foodie.


52% of Gen Y diners determine what they eat based on the information they find on social media.


59% of Australian diners prefer to connect with resturants on Facebook.


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Data: Galaxy Research October 2016. Comissioned by OpenTables.